Undergrads Earn Departmental Scholarships

April 28, 2020

Congratulations to Zach, Logan, and Samantha for winning three departmental scholarships for academic and research excellence. We appreciate their hard work, and the wonderful mentorship from Prakriti, Huarui, and Noelle. Their awards and recognition can be seen here.

Zach earned the Dr. Paul F. and Patricia Guehler Chemistry Scholarship, which is awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement.

Logan earned the David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship, which is awarded to chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement.

Samantha earned the J. Lewis Maynard Memorial Prize in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, which is awarded for outstanding scholastic achievement in advanced inorganic chemistry.


Zach Hoell
Logan Mcgraw
Samantha Kroc